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Helping young adults to conquer their quarter life crisis and confidently make their dreams a reality





At New Heights Life Coaching, I provide transformative coaching that creates measurable and sustainable changes in the lives of my clients. My specialty and passion has found a home with aspiring young people who are working to transition into a happy adulthood. My clients are either navigating their path through college, choosing a career or often, experiencing a quarter life crisis. Through coaching, they gain the clarity, confidence and the skills needed to make important decisions, take action and create a positive trajectory which then serves them their entire lives.

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I’ve been asked many times,“What draws you to this particular niche of clients?” At first I tell them how much I love their energy, creativity, passion and optimism for the future. I then wax on about how proud I am as the parent of 4 happy and healthy adult millennial children which drives a desire for me to help other parents’ children find success and happiness. Finally (and with some emotion), I reminisce about how desperate I was as a young adult to find some guidance in order to set clear goals and to be brave enough to go after them. Most assuredly, I know that if coaching was made available to me then, it would have changed my life. As an adult, I have now experienced the happiness and satisfaction of making life choices guided by self confidence, clarity and passion.

It is my mission to help you experience the success and happiness that comes from having self confidence, clarity and passion in work and play. Furthermore, my vision is to equip you with the skills to transform your life in the present as well as throughout your life.

As your coach, I will guide you to experience the abundance that comes from discovering who you are, what you want and how you are going to get there. Together, we will make it happen. Schedule a free ‘discovery’ session today which allows you, without pressure or obligation, the opportunity to learn what coaching is and to decide if it’s right for you. 


“Whatever you dream you can do; begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” 
— Goethe



  • Get past the confusion, fear and doubt that keeps you ‘stuck’ and from experiencing the happiness and success that you want

  • Discover your uniqueness and what you love

  • Determine the path that serves your gifts, your values and your passions

  • Create a  specific action plan that will guide you to accomplish your goals

  • Uncover what’s holding you back and gain  the confidence  and skills that you need to move forward

  • Take action on your plan, be accountable and meet your opportunities




Together we will develop a program that fits your needs and budget perfectly. All programs can be done in a 1-on-1 coaching format or in a small group format (1-3 people). Sessions are done virtually on Skype or phone.

 ‘The Everest’ : Includes 14 sessions + 3-15 minute coaching sessions, Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief, Strengths Finder Analysis, Values Assessment, Personal Mission Statement, AIM Smart plan, monthly newsletter, free admission to workshops and virtual webinars, unlimited e-mails and texting.  

‘The Denali’ : Includes 12 sessions, Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief, Strengths Finder Analysis, Values Assessment, Personal Mission statement, AIM Smart plan, monthly newsletter, 50% off on workshops and webinars, unlimited e-mails and texting.    

‘The Kilimanjaro’
: Includes 8 sessions, Strengths Finder Analysis, Values Assessment, Personal Mission Statement, AIM Smart plan, unlimited e-mails and texting.





"I believe that we are all the sum of our experiences. Therefore, everything that we encounter in life, including work and play, offers us an opportunity to grow.  
When we learn more about who we are, why we are, and what we want, we are empowered to recognize the paths that will serve our purpose. When our choices align with our values, strengths and passions, we experience abundance and happiness. 
As a life coach, I support my clients in conquering their inner fears and in moving forward confidently to realize their full potential in work, passion and play. 
It is my passion and purpose to be a part of your life journey! " - Anne Spivey


Certified Professional Coach  (IPEC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

Towson University

  • B.S. In Sociology & Graduate Coursework in Psychology

20 + Years of Corporate Experience                      

  • Sales and Leadership Training
  • Award Winning Sales and Sales Management
  • Building and Leading Award Winning Teams
  • Individual and Team Leadership Development
  • Training and Communication Expertise
  • Trained in the DiSC Profile Assessment, Situational Leadership, Crucial Conversations, Strengths Finder 2.0                      


These are the personal skills that I bring to every coaching session:

  • Expert in the unique  CORE ENERGY COACHING PROCESS
  • Proficient in the utilization of state of the art tools and assessments: Strength Finders 2.0 and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • Curiosity and Interviewing Expertise
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Millennials and the Quarter Life Crisis
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Patience
  • Empathy & Intuition
  • Confidentiality and Safe Environment

& ME: I'm a world traveling, hiking, bungie jumping, sky diving, concert going, age defying 'baby boomer' with an amazing husband and six adventurous ‘millennial’ children (my first born pictured on this website doing what he loves!). I am a recent transplant to the south and am loving the city life that mid-town Atlanta offers. Cooking, reading, meditating and experiencing diverse cuisines fill my mind, soul and belly. I believe life is best enjoyed with delicious coffee, wine, chocolate and a diverse soundtrack (isn't Spotify an amazing thing?).


Working with Anne truly helped me get over the hump of my quarter- life- crisis. At a time where I felt lost she helped me to see my goals as real and attainable dreams. She gave me the confidence and courage to refuse to give up on them, and the push to make sure I held myself accountable in working towards them...The benefit of dedicated, introspective time with such a wonderful guide cannot be overstated!”
— A1C Allison F., Esq.

“Anne Spivey is a transformative coach who assisted me in transitioning in my career to follow my passions in a balanced and centered way.  Her sessions were thought-provoking for me so that I could find the courage to make a change.  We made a plan together that was specific and results-oriented and I appreciated the accountability of having a dedicated coach to check-in on progress and help me adjust when needed.  I would recommend New Heights at the highest level if you want to make changes in your life with a coach that is supportive and goal-oriented in her approach.”

Lori G.  – Regional Business Director


"Anne’s authentic empathy and wise perception grounded me and helped me to open my eyes to new possibilities. Her insightful questions opened my mind inspiring me to be more, do more and expect more. Her coaching also helped me to face limiting beliefs and as a result, took me to new heights of self worth and a realization that I am an infinite being full of limitless possibilities. During the course of my coaching with Anne, I moved forward in my spiritual life, my work as a landscape designer as well as strengthened my resolve as a recovering alcoholic. I recommend New Heights for anybody who is looking to do the hard work to become the best version of themselves." 

Michelle M. - Business Owner,  Landscape Designer


"I was the happiest I have been in a long time.  Newly married, an amazing month long honeymoon, buying our dream home, and getting the job I thought I wanted all in just 1 year.  With all this new in my life I still needed help managing it all.  My Coach, Anne, helped me see my potential as a young woman and the person that I wanted to become.  So the job that I had was not the job I wanted at all.  It actually was making me miserable so I resigned.  New Heights coached me to choose the jobs that aligned with my personality, goals and lifestyle.  And not long after, she coached me during the interview process.  With her help and encouragement, I got my dream job.  Anne did a great job helping me in self discovery which really helped me to chart my own course. Her sense of humor made it a lot of fun."

Shelley S. - Nurse Clinician III


"Working with Anne truly helped me get over the hump of my quarter-life-crisis.  At a time where I felt lost she helped me to see my goals as real and attainable dreams.  She helped me to gain the confidence and courage to refuse to give up on them, and the push to make sure I held myself accountable in working towards them.  She is an attentive listener and asks thought provoking questions that helped me to identify, understand, and verbalize the reasons behind my passions.  I have learned so much about myself from working with her! My first post-graduation job search was a heartbreaking process. It was all too easy to give in to feelings of inadequacy and laziness, and I lost motivation and drive.  Having Anne in my corner when I tackled the process a second time made all the difference in the world.  Her sessions leave me focused, excited, and confident, with renewed energy to work hard towards my dreams every time. The positive attitude that comes with understanding myself and my passions, which I largely attribute to her coaching, has greatly aided me on applications and interviews. I would highly recommend anyone who feels dissatisfied in their job or any part of their life to work with New Heights.  The benefit of dedicated, introspective time with such a wonderful guide cannot be overstated!"

A1C Allison F. - Esq.


“When I began working with Anne, I was just beginning my new career and path as a coach. In the moments that I felt blocked and lost the most, she would ask intuitive, compelling questions that allowed me the opportunity to identify my own truth. Anne helped me to discover my niche and after our sessions, I felt inspired, excited, and determined to take action. I was able to trust her in my most vulnerable moments and I felt heard and understood. Anne is patient, intuitive, and a great listener. She helped me gain valuable insight into my life and career that has encouraged me to push forward, no matter what. I would recommend New Heights Life Coaching to anyone who needs direction to fuel the drive on their journey. Don’t miss this highly transformative experience with Anne!" 

Heather L. - Women’s Empowerment & Life Purpose Coach


"Anne has a way of turning a conversation into a search for one's inner voice. She listened as I revealed my inner hopes and dreams and guided me into a discussion in search of  ways to make my dreams a reality. The discussion was about my journey, my strengths and developing the confidence to move forward and claim my life. Everyone needs someone who can listen with unbiased ears and provoke inner discovery with compelling questions. This is what Anne provides; a sounding board to clarify your true path and to set plans into motion." 

Karen K.- Retail Culinary Sales Specialist


"I had an amazing opportunity to get coaching from Anne and it absolutely changed my life. I have always felt different from the “normal” 20 somethings who surround me, but I could still feel something was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I knew I was made for more, but couldn’t put words to what was still holding me back. Anne asked me questions that helped me discover exactly what was missing for me. She listened to everything I said and was able to help me paint a picture of exactly where I was currently at and then help me paint my own future. I was able to completely transform my thinking. I now have a sense of peace, clarity, freedom all while knowing exactly what my life purpose is and how I’m going to achieve my goals. I highly recommend New Heights Life Coaching to any '20 somethings' who are feeling like they are meant for more, but can’t figure out how to get there." 

Sarah F.- Marketing Entrepreneur


"Before beginning life coaching with Anne, I felt limited in what I could achieve. Through our sessions, she has helped me set realistic goals and develop a plan of action in order to accomplish my personal and professional aspirations. Being accountable to someone as supportive as Anne encourages me to stick to my goals and take action to move forward in life. With her trust, support, and guidance, I have begun re-directing my life and dreaming big. I highly recommend Anne as a coach."

Autumn R. - Clinical Research Technician



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Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session to help you to decide if coaching is right for you. No pressure, no obligation (yes, promise!). Your journey to new heights and a life on purpose is possible and can begin today.

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