Coaching Services

Do you ever feel like a piece of drift wood floating down a stream where your fate is being determined by every random rock that appears in your path? 

‘You, Unstuck’ Session: A 20 minute online assessment and 45 minute coaching session where you will learn:

  • 3 key insights that will get you 'unstuck' and put you into the driver's seat of your life
  • practical tools for effectively handling stress
  • specific actions for creating success in every situation (no matter how bad it seems)


Are you plagued by a nagging feeling that you’re just skating by in life and not tapping into your full potential? Maybe you are picturing exciting possibilities for yourself, and still, you find yourself just watching from the sidelines and settling with the status quo. Do you want to go from just ‘existing’ to ‘full out’ living?

The Pathfinder Program: Eight, 1 hour sessions that are customized for the Millennial who isn’t in a crisis but wants help in making some significant changes in their life. Whether it’s making a job change, a relationship decision or focusing on personal development; this program will provide you with the support to move forward and make it happen.

Maybe you’ve determined that what you’re experiencing is more then a ‘nagging feeling that you’re not living your full potential’ and you identify with the Millennial experience which is so common that it has been labeled; the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. If so, you are likely plagued with feelings of loneliness, confusion and being ‘stuck’ in a place where you don’t want to be. More then anything, you are looking to find confidence, clear direction and a plan to take you to a place where you love your life.

The ‘5 Peaks’ Quarter Life Crisis Program: ‘ Twelve, 1 hour sessions that are designed for the Millennial who is in a full blown Quarter Life Crisis so that they can get ‘unstuck’, discover a clear path to meaningful work and create a happy life. Also included as a bonus is an extended version of the You, Unstuck’ Session (a 20 minute online assessment and 90 minute debrief). During this comprehensive program you will:

  • discover your uniqueness and what you love
  • determine the paths that serve your gifts, your values and your passions
  • uncover what’s holding you back and gain the confidence and skills that you need to move forward
  • create a specific action plan that will guide you to accomplish your goals
  • take action on your plan, be accountable and meet your opportunities

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
— Robert Schuller

*Coaching is done via Skype or Phone. Coaching Programs include unlimited text and emails.